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Breath. Voice. Speech. Connection.

Second Circle Presence.

I use the techniques of classical theater to increase your effectiveness, connection, and ability to stay present in all situations. Everywhere from everyday conversations to high pressure public speaking situations.

Weekend Intensives,
Private Coaching

Online and In-Person

Have you ever been told you are...

Too quiet?

Too loud?

Too much?

Too little?

Have you been told not to speak?

Or that you should speak more?

Do you find even the idea of public speaking turns your insides watery?

Do you like being in front of crowds but worry that people's minds wander when you speak?

Actors know how to stay present, connected, and effective in high pressure situations. Did you know an actor on stage goes through the same physical stress as a fighter pilot? And yet they still can move an audience to laugh and cry.


Actors - especially classical Shakespearean actors - know how to balance intellectual clarity and emotional connection. How to connect through words. How to communicate complicated ideas with ease.


Now you can have access to the simple yet profound tools that actors use to connect one-on-one and  to change heart and minds and inspire on a large scale. 

"I had an amazing two days in New York with actress and master voice trainer - Erin Roth - If you do anything that requires public communication (speeches, work presentations, aspiring actor, ceo/business leader, pastor, lawyer in the courtroom, politics, etc.) and need to be able to easily connect with with the power of your voice to influence in a room of 1 or 100,000 she is the person to see! (in-personal or virtual)" 

Jennifer Sarpong, Senior Digital Analytics Strategist

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