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Reclaim your presence and
your free, authentic voice
with Shakespeare 
and the Patsy Rodenburg method


I am a Patsy Rodenburg Associate (PRA) - trained by master voice and Shakespeare teacher, Patsy Rodenburg. I was one of the first 30 people in  world certified to teach Patsy Rodenburg's method. I am an actor, writer, and director, and I am a regular contributor to Backstage Experts.

I have been a guest lecturer at the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah and currently coach leadership and presentation skills at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City.

I use all of the knowledge and experience in my varied background to help actors and other professionals reclaim their presence and free their voice.

Listen to Erin on the Someone Gets Me podcast with Dianne Allen

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More on Shakespeare, the Patsy Rodenburg Method and Second Circle


"Erin is an approachable expert who gives generously of her time and talent. Her love for what she does is contagious as is her ability to convey the importance of Shakespeare's text and our responsibility as actors to deliver it with simplicity and presence."  Erin Roy 


“Erin is a well of knowledge in respect to Shakespeare and the accompanying Second Circle work! I came into the intensive as a relative newbie and left with a newfound respect AND confidence to explore further. Her enthusiasm combined with clarity of instruction and guidance provide a wonderful space for growth and a continued learning experience well past the workshop end.” Brian B


“I recommend this class to anyone who wishes to explore the work of Shakespeare in a meaningful way. Questions are encouraged in class, and the time allowed each participant is generous. One is able to go deep with the action of the work, because the meaning of the language is made clear. The energy, at all times, is light and receptive, and the instructor shapes performance and discourse in such way that there is no whiff of judgementalism whatsoever. I absolutely recommend Erin Roth as a teacher and I absolutely recommend the class.” Elisabeth Henry


“I have been fortunate enough to both take Erin’s Shakespeare Intensive class and work one-on-one with Erin on Voice work. As an actor I have worked with other voice teachers, but it was working with Erin that finally taught me how to achieve a clear, non-forced voice that can carry me through weeks of performing without strain. Her Shakespeare class made his text come alive in all its beauty and clear specificity.” Anonymous


“Erin is an excellent teacher. Her passion for Shakespeare is contagious, and she is generous with her time, talent, and feedback. It's This class helped me breathe fully again. Thanks for everything, Erin!” Austin R.


Erin’s approach to teaching is so giving and passionate. She gives you the tools you need to make discoveries about Shakespeare and the text. Erin is so approachable and welcoming, taking all questions and answering them in depth, and providing every student their own time. I recommend this class to anyone, no matter your knowledge of Shakespeare.” Courtnie Harrington

"Training with Erin helped me grow in ways I couldn’t have expected. I felt myself getting stronger and more comfortable in my skin as a performer. Now the class is over, I have a greater confidence in exploring my emotional range and performing other works outside of Shakespeare. Thanks so much!" Ted Peszynski

"Erin is a wonderful caring teacher. She opens up Shakespeare in a manner that makes it easy to understand. I am excited about Shakespeare now. I want to read every play, learn many of them. Shakespeare no longer feels daunting. It is available and open to anyone willing to learn and study the plays. Erin is kind and giving and an amazing teacher. She provides videos to guide daily warm-ups, and positive feedback in every class and for every video posted in the facebook group. If you have ever wanted to get started with Shakespeare and didn't know how, take this class. If you know Shakespeare and want to refresh your tools and possibly dig deeper, take this class. The point is, TAKE THIS CLASS. It changes your acting and your approach to plays."  Chris Clark

"I would definitely recommend Erin as a teacher, her kindness and enthusiasm for Shakespeare made it easy and accessible to me, even though English is not my first language, her classes are a safe place to make mistakes, grow and learn. She understands what each student needs and will give specific exercises for each student accordingly. It was a pleasure working with her!" Gisela S.

"I came to this class intimidated by Shakespeare, with little knowledge of it beyond having seen/read a handful of plays. I'm leaving with a larger appetite for Shakespeare and a very strong base to continue my education in his works, confidently. I can’t say enough about Erin’s kindness, and patience and encouragement, as well as her knowledge of the subject matter. To anyone who is intimidated or frightened by the Bard, you have come to the right place. Erin will guide you seamlessly and will provide you with tools that make learning Shakespeare fun, as well as feeling like you’ve grown in your knowledge each class. I truly enjoyed getting started on this journey and I hope to continue to work with Erin in the future." Alex C. House

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